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    Best Online promotion and marketing tips by SEO HAWK offering best online promotion services.


    Rigorously Tested

    The biggest issue of any SEO method is finding out where to learn it properly, because there is no real education in it, only hit and miss strategy how to publish ezine articles for better traffic results, Here are six secret tips about this. Now, I secretly say because article writing is standard, it is always used correctly. I will reveal that here, it will work wonders for your site and you want to write!. Digital marketing by SeoHawk will help to improve your website visibility online.


    Focus your article on building long tail keyword

    This means that if you are selling shoes then go after a specific task like "Men's Nike Shoes" or "or" Nike Air Force 1 Shoes. "Looking for many keywords for you and being used for your articles Keywords can find a great site to start searching the best express keywords.


    After finding a good keyword for you to work, to concentrate on the article on the keyword for local business seo. Paste a topic here, especially if you are not only writing articles for a link on your site but also looking to move your keywords to the ranks.


    Proper keyword insertion


    This is very important because you focus on your ezine article and you want to get approval for as many ezine sites as you can. If you will reject many requests from these ezine sites using keywords. If you use too little keywords, search engines will not rank properly on your site.


    If you write an article and use a lot of keywords, they are ignored by search engines or marked as spam, and then you lose the impact of keyword placement.


    Word count for high acceptance rate


    Now when you have your keyword, and you write your ezine article, then your word should be 500 words or more. For this great effect, try to keep it within the 500-word limit, if it becomes 1000 words or more, then the article is divided into two parts.


    Be sure to use the keyword one times for every 100 words and no more! This means that if you write a 500-word article then use the keyword five times; you do not necessarily need to make sure that the keyword appears in every 100 words, here is the idea that you have your content for your primary keyword Are optimizing.


    Link Usage and Subject


    Never use links within the article body, because many ezine sites will not accept your story. Although this site is allowed, it is very low, and you can modify your article for those sites and submit them individually.


    Be sure to include a link to your home page on your home page and a link to your product, service or landing page, in every ezine site; there is a bio line for "author's name" and "bio" about your company. Yes, you can use two links in your bio, but beyond you, will be rejected at all.


    You are not trying to take action for your sales pitch or your call to your ezine article, on which subject it can use your services from the topic written on your behalf. Your subject is informative only; then it is information about an industry, product or service type. Apart from this, you only have about 500 words about simple words, but educational.


    Your headline is the hardest thing behind your content. You want to make sure that you include some part of your keyword or your keyword phrase and make it unique that it will not duplicate the title of another author.


    Best submission method


    Submit your article to more 1 article directory and make small changes towards each deposit in each of your paragraphs. Okay, I know that it takes the time to not only present it but to edit the difference in your article. An online service that allows you to create only two additional small variations for each paragraph, and after making your changes, it will submit more than 1000 article directories for you immediately. The great part is that it takes your variations and creates a unique version to present each ezine site. Visit the Unique Article Wizard for PPC Management and more information.


    Other sites that automatically submit their articles, but so far I do not know about any other program that will allow you to use different authors' names and generate unique versions of your articles.

    Visit website SeoHawk.com for more info.


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